Essay: An Expression Of The Devil

I was sitting in the room, paying close attention both the quarterly presentation and the people around me. No one seemed alarmed or had any adverse reaction to the information this demonic representation showed us. This IT-consultancy CEO, which seemed like the nicest and most friendly guy you will ever meet, is a true expression of the devil. He tricks you into investing time and money into his machine learning business, which in time will shake and destroy the life mechanism we love and hate and rely on. He knows it himself, but does not care, partly because of how innately gratifying it is to build something successful.

The most hilarious and devastatingly comical part of his presentation was when he told the audience that the company in the last quarter had been consulting the Swedish Employment Office on adapting machine learning and artificial intelligence. Throughout his presentation, the devil kept talking about his amazing employees, and showed pictures from workshop nights they had had with clients. The images showed people smiling and laughing and interacting and teaching one another. After the devil character had finished his presentation, boasting excellent financial results for the first quarter, I went up, shook his friendly claws and had a chat with him.

As a good devil should, he was truly charming and friendly and a person I one hundred percent would enjoy spending time with. But that is the game of the devil, right? Offering a pleasant hand and then scratch you with the other. I then went on to ask him when he could see robots not only take over the jobs of people in the businesses his company consults, but when he sees them taking over his own company’s work.

“They already do, in some way,” he replied.
“So what is your strategy then?” I responded.
“We have to focus on doing what people are really good at, business consulting for instance, which the robots can not yet do,” he replied with his cleaved tongue hissing through his teeth.
I responded by nodding and looking him into the eyes. No emotional information could be extracted.

Here this demon has for the last couple of hours been showing us pictures of happy people working together, and been telling us that the reason his firm is successful is because of the people in the company. Yet, he’s telling me that he is actively working to destroy, not only other peoples, but even his own employees’ livelihoods. His projects are not just anti-social, their even anti-tribal!

Furthermore ironic is that the pleasure he experiences in this situation is due to him being able to build a successful business where people enjoy themselves, which he values because of innate and basic human reward systems.

As if that was not enough, he gives this presentation to get you to invest your money into something which eventually will take away your livelihood. This charming and friendly demon is working towards financial success and monetary freedom for himself and his employees, by seeking to destroy the mechanisms which makes their own, and others, lives worth living. And he lusts us into investing in our own demise, by offering us higher returns on our resources. I know he is aware of this, but the rationale is probably that if he does not do it, somebody else will, so why not reap the benefits of “progress” while its still possible?

Conscious willingness to harvest from destruction by creation is why this cannibal, truly, is an expression of the devil.

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